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Εξώμβουργο - Βολάξ - Κάμπος - Ταραμπάδος - Κολυμπήθρα

Exomvourgo - Volax - Kampos - Tarampados - Kolimpithra

Starting from the town of Tinos, our first stop is in Exomvourgo. Exombourgo is a conical rocky hill that dominates the southern part of Tinos, in a privileged position that offered good natural defenses, and visual control of a large part of the island and the busy strait between Tinos-Mykonos.
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Πύργος - Πάνορμος - Κιόνια

Pirgos - Panormos - Kionia

It is the largest village in Tinos, after Chora. Most visitors distinguish it from other villages and regard it not just very beautiful, but an outdoor museum of folk art as well, which preserves the traditional Cycladic architecture. It has many gorgeous creations made of marble and gives the feeling of elegance, artistry and human inspiration.
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Τήνος – Μοναστήρι

Tinos - Monastery

A few kilometers away from the town of Tinos is the orthodox monastery where Saint Pelagia lived. Agia Pelagia was the nun who saw a vision of the Virgin Mary told her where to find the miraculous image.
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