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Exomvourgo - Volax - Kampos - Tarampados - Kolimpithra

Starting from the town of Tinos, our first stop is in Exomvourgo. Exombourgo is a conical rocky hill that dominates the southern part of Tinos, in a privileged position that offered good natural defenses, and visual control of a large part of the island and the busy strait between Tinos-Mykonos. Was one of the last castles in Greece fell to the Turks. When the Turks conquered it in 1715, it blew up and destroyed.

Then we leave for the village Volax This is a unique landscape worldwide, an internationally recognized geological paradox: round rocks are scattered on barren land. This constitutes a unique lunar landscape, which you shouldn’t miss. You should also visit the nearby namesake village with few inhabitants, dedicated to the art of handmade basketry. Make a stop at a traditional workshop and bye a basket made on the spot. You will also find a small outdoor theater, as well as cafés and tavernas, offering traditional local delicacies.

After Volax we leave for the villages Volax and Tarampados
Kampos village is located in the center of the island, in the lush valley that it shares with Komi and Kalloni. It is built according to traditional architectural standards and is distinguished for its purity and beauty. The village has two churches: Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity) with the remarkable pebbled courtyard and Aghia Aikaterini (St. Catherine) with the beautiful wooden iconostasis, built in 1770 under the Russian Domination, in honor of the Russian empress Catherine A.

Visit the traditional village laundry preserved unchanged until today. Make sure to try paximadia (rusks) and bread from the bakery, as well as local specialties in the café-restaurant in the center of the village. Existing since 1700, Tarampados has many arches and many more striking dovecotes. The dovecotes, spread in the island during the Venetian domination, offered the residents a significant financial income from the trade of meat and feces of pigeons.

Dovecotes are unaltered examples of local folk architecture, made by Tinians and carved by strong winds, rain and sea salt. No other island in the Aegean has such a large number and a big variety of dovecotes, which are almost all still maintained by the current owners.

Now go for a swim and lunch or coffee in Kolimbithra
Actually we are talking about two beaches very different with each other. The smaller one is sheltered and very cosmopolitan with sun beds and umbrellas, ideal for families. There is a a beautiful picturesque tavern by the seaside and another one on the upper side with a view to Drakonissi and the endless Aegean where you can enjoy your meal. The larger one is more isolated and exposed to north winds, ideal for surf and chill out. There is a surfing school if you want to catch some waves, handmade “mushroom” umbrellas and a small bar with snacks and cocktails. During the last few years it has become very known in the surf community so you may experience some very good surfing here.

Tinos Town – Monastery – Exomvourgo – Volax – Kampos – Tarampados – Kolimpithra – Pyrgos - Panormos – Kionia
This route covers substantially all of the island from end to end.

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